“Gastspiel”, Biennale Austria, Linz 8 april-7 may 2016

From April 8, to May 7, 2016 fifteen members of BIENNALE AUSTRIA association show their works along the lines of: „To engage in contemporary art, can be exciting” at Galerie am Färberbach, Weyergasse 9, 4596 Steinbach/Steyr, Upper Austria.

Opening: April 7, 2016 at 07:00 pm
Reception and introductory words: Christine Dörfel, Galerie am Färberbach and Elisabeth Rass, BIENNALE AUSTRIA association
Inauguration: Landeskulturdirektor Mag. Reinhold Kräter, provincial government Upper Austria
Duration of exhibition: April 8, to May 7,2016
Finissage: May 6, 2016 at 07:00 pm

Participating artists:
HERBERT BAUER from Schladming. His surrealist works in tempera or graphite pen are internationally highly valued.
JÜRGEN BLEY from Steyr, Upper Austria, oscillates in his figurative, surrealist clashes between „life and death” – unvarnished and demanding.
ADMIRA BRADARIC from Bosnia and Herzegovina unites the irreconcilable in here works by using various techniques.
GERLINDE KOSINA from Vienna melds in her urban and landscape paintings visible and invisible worlds by passionate color compositions.
REGINA MERTA from Vienna is marked in her dynamic painting by two main themes- „nature“ and „the human“ in their confrontation with the „womankind“.
HANNES NEUHOLD from Lienz integrates in his works always „something unfinished“ and animates hereby thinking beyond the images.
MARK POL lives in Amsterdam and takes in his expressionistic works as a basis the vulnerable of everyday life.
NICOLA QUICI lives and works in Rheinfelden, Germany and his work of „personal new futurism“ is internationally very valued.
ELISABETH RASS from Vienna shows in her photography the everyday from a different perspective.
ROBERT RICHARDSON from Great Britain has centered his thematic focus on the demonstration of political and ecological oppression.
BERNHARD SCHINKO lives and works in Linz and is Austrian representative of „textile art“. In his works new materials and techniques are melted and formed hereby new, idiosyncratic structures.
HERWIG MARIA STARK from Salzburg is focused on the essential „behind the surface „of the human being.
SUSANNA STURM from Vienna revived the old tradition of paper cutting in her futuristic, fantastic artworks.
MICHAEL UNTERLUGGAUER lives and works in Upper Austria. His visually stunning use of forms is an almost aggressive invitation to participate.
DIEGO VALENTINUZZI from Monfalcone, Italy is representative of Italian Pop-Art.
Galerie am Färberbach in Steinbach/Steyr sees itself as „local supplier in art and culture“ and offers 150m2 exhibition space for the presentation of exhibits of different art directions. Through the divertisity and changing exhibition program the gallery is a place of vitality and encounter between art, culture and communication.
BIENNALE AUSTRIA association was founded in 2005 in Vienna with the focus on supporting visual artists on the fields of communication, marketing, networking and public relations. The association is funded by membership fees, organization fees for exhibitions and voluntary service.
BIENNALE AUSTRIA association is operating internationally and is partner of various artist-, art-, and curators associations.


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