Opera della settimana: Andrei Krioukov

Andrei Krioukov è un artista nato nel 1959 in Russia ma vive a Berlino, in Germania dal 2000.

Sul suo sito www.krioukov.de potete vedere tutte le sue originali opere e le notizie che lo riguardano.

Buona arte!

Andrei Krioukov.jpg
Cola light



1976 – 1980
Diploma: Art and Drawing, Teacher of Art. Studied at the Moscow School of Arts “Art School in the honour of 1905” with emphasis on drawing and teaching art.

1981 – 1987
Diploma: Painter and Graphic Artist. Studied painting and graphic arts at the state School of Arts ‘V. Surikov Moscow State Acadamy Art Institute’ in Moscow.

1987 – 2000
Freelance Artist, Moscow. Participated in Russian and international exhibitions and competitions.

1992 – 2000
Worked as a graphic designer in the design office ‘Predmet’, Moscow. Carried out various advertising and design projects.

Moved to Germany

since 2001
Freelance Artist, Kassel and Berlin. Freelance teacher offering drawing and painting courses: VHS Schwalm-Eder, Art Society “Neue Brücke” Schwalmstadt, School for Fine Arts and Design, Kassel-Berlin. Member of the Art Society “Neue Brücke” Schwalm-Eder, Member of the BKK-Nordhessen.
My works of art can be found in private and public collections in Russia, USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece as well as in the collection of the Russian Academy of Art, Moscow, Russia, and in the collection of the Vallejo School, Vallejo, USA, Artothek Kassel and Jüdisches Museum Berlin.



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