Questa è’ una mia intervista a Sundermaa Chinbat che risale all’8 maggio 2020.Pubblicata su la condivido qui per festeggiare la visita n° 100.000 al sito!

This is my interview with Sundermaa Chinbat that dates back to May 8, 2020. Published on I share it here to celebrate the visit No. 100,000 to the site!


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8 may 2020

Sundermaa Chinbat is a girl who lives in Mongolia and who at just 9 years old is already a painter who exhibits her paintings with the aim of promoting peace through art. So young, she participated in the children’s book competition by winning the first prize and organized her first exhibition in her school to show that all children have wonderful skills.

This year she published her book entitled “Magic Rose”, which will be translated into Arabic, and was chosen to participate in the International Women’s Day 2020. On this day, stories of women were requested, regardless of age, ethnicity, race, gender and nation, which are making positive changes in their communities through the promotion of sustainable development goals and who have ideas and leadership to resolve conflicts with the aim of achieving peace.

Sundermaa explains that thanks to painting you can forget negative things, overcome the stress of school life or misunderstanding between girls.

Sundermaa, nice to meet you and thank you for agreeing to answer my questions. Well, let’s get started.

1) How old were you and what is the first work you remember creating?

At the age of 4 I started creating marine animals with colored paper and blue silk to create the sea and the stones. It felt like real sea life.

2) Is one of your parents or family at home painting or doing art?

No. My mom is a mining accountant, my dad is a businessman in the agricultural sector. I am the eldest daughter, I have a sister and brother younger than me.

3) What prompted you to start?

One day my mother sent my storybook to a publishing house competition. But they only required an illustrated book and suggested that I use the creative ability to create paintings that could illustrate my idea. So I started drawing: Mary’s room, the library, the table and the other furniture, the paintings represented in the book are those of our house.

4) In your book “The magic rose” you talk about a daughter who, to save her mother, has to face a journey through a forest. How did this idea come about?

“The magic rose” was born when, looking at the stories of comics or cartoons, I thought about why all the endings are about fighting and looking for a winner. And at 8 years old I decided to create a book that ends with friendship but also the true, the real. In the “Magic Rose” Mary mixes the soil and the kindness of the leaves of the tree, the birds transfer the compost to the bad trees and after the atmosphere it becomes kindness. And all the trees in the forest attribute the symbol of magic, beauty and mind to the magic rose and the use of medicine to protect her mother.

5) Would you like your works to be exhibited in a museum or art gallery in the future?

I don’t think of my paintings as works to be exhibited in a museum or gallery. After the pandemic, I only dream of preparing my works to set up an exhibition for children in the countryside where my grandparents live.

6) As a social network you use Instagram and Facebook. Which do you prefer to promote your works?

I only publish my works and the book on social networks but I don’t think I will promote it yet. After the Mongolian minister Yo.Baatarbileg, (minister of education, culture, science and sport) awarded me with the “Natsagdorj” medal in my country, I participated 8 times in the TV channel and in the children’s program and continue to invite me again.

7) What job do you dream of growing up?

I would like to become a teacher.

And I wish you Sundermaa.

Antonia Pesare, doctor of art history                                     Italy 08/05/2020


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