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Chloe Litvinchuk. She’s 7 years old, she lives in Belarus, Brest. Chloe is the only one child in family. She’s in the second grade. Her favorite subjects at school are drawing, math and english language.

She’s truly the pride of school. She draws from an early age. Chloe already won several local drawing contents like “Rescuers through the eyes of children ( the first place)”, “75 drawings of the Second World War (the second place)”. Her drawing was in the magazine “Lego Friends (Russia)”. She was mentioned in the local newspaper (about her drawing “One War for all, One Victory fo all”). She’s fond of reading books with mommy. Her favorite books are “Little prince”, “La petit Nicolas”, “La freccia azzura”, “Pinocchio” and she loves nature and animals very much, what can be seen in her art works.

Chloe likes to travel around the world with her family and she is responsible, friendly and open minded girl! Mom learns Chloe how to draw and paint, how to use different techniques. She reads with mom art history and biography of renowned artists! As young mother graduated from art school.
Father is employed in economics and management. At 7 years Chloe can paint and draw such materials as oil pastel, oil paint, gouache, watercolor, graphite pencils, colored pencils. When she grows up, she wants to be illustrator of child’s books and books about animals. And her dream is to run nonprofit animal shelter in the future and help them.

She considered that each animal must live!!! Her motto is “It’s only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye”. Little prince…


1) How long have you been drawing?

My acquaintance with drawing began at a year and a half. Mom and Dad bought special coloring books, which I painted with my fingers using paints. These were my first steps in drawing!

2) How was this passion born?

My mom cultivated me a love of drawing from early childhood. She teaches me to paint now. We have always had a lot of materials for creativity and drawing at our place. At first I painted with colored pencils and felt-tip pens, and then I began to try other materials (such as oil pastels, watercolors, gouache, a little oil paints). I like to try something new and experiment. My first drawings were very simple: a house, grass, my mommy, my family, flowers, a tree, a little man. I consider this was the beginning of my love of drawing.

3) In your drawings there are often animals that behave like humans. What would you like to express with this?

I treat animals with special thrill and love. I believe that every animal has a place to be on our planet. In my drawings, I want to show that animals also have families as people, they know how to care and love, they can also have friends and their habits. That I want to urge people to protect and preserve animals and not harm them. With my drawings I want to show the beauty of the animal and natural world of our planet. I want people to take care of animals and protect them.

4) Which themes do you deal with in your drawings?

In my drawings I very often reflect the theme of the family. This is love, friendship, comfort, caring, counting and kindness. I often reflect the theme of nature and wildlife. I also really love the sea and the ocean, and often show this love in the drawings.

5) Your drawings are very colourful and precise. Who advises you and explains how to do it well?

Yes, I really like to make colorful drawings, and I pay special attention to details (always, before drawing, I think through them very carefully). My mum explains and teaches me how to draw (she has an art education). Mom gives me advice what technique to use, she explains how to use certain materials and what is better to do in order to get more interesting and colorful drawing!

6) Have you ever thought of using the characters you have drawn, such as the fox family or the giraffe family, to write a story for children?

I have such an idea. I really want to fulfill my dream in the coming year and write a story for children with illustrations. I already have an idea! The main characters in my story Will be a family of sea gulls. I want to write an interesting story about them and make good and beautiful illustrations.

7) What would you like to do when you grow up?

When I grow up I would like to become an illustrator of children’s books. I want to draw good and funny characters, create beautiful illustrations and interesting stories about them. Thereby bring good to the world. I also really want to run a non-profit shelter for homeless animals in order to help animals find a new home.

8) In addition to Instagram do you use other social networks to show your drawings?

Today I expose my works only on Instagram, maybe in the future they will appear in some other social networks.

9) What are your hobbies?

In addition to painting, I love playing Lego Friends. I like to build all kinds of locations for characters, invent stories with Lego friends characters. I really like playing the veterinary clinic. I collect all my soft toys, treat them and vaccinate. I like to spend time at board games with my parents in the evening.


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